• Visual Bootstrapping

    Posted on June 8, 2012 by vogt3 in Research.

    Stability maps are a novel approach of teaching dynamic motor skills to humanoid robots through imitation.  Essentially, the algorithm calculates a low-dimensional map of a shown motion storing the stability information of each pose. Additionally, variations of such are calculated and integrated into the map as well.  In a physics simulation the stability of shown and calculated poses included in the map is determined resulting in a space with stable und unstable postures. Since the trained motion can be described as a trajectory within this low-dimensional space it can be transformed with the result that only stable poses are include in the final stabilized robot motion.

    Overview of the Visual Bootstrapping method: The captured motion is used to generate a low dimensional posture space. The stability inside this pos- ture space is analyzed with a stability map. The original motion trajectory is adapted to ensure its stability and finally executed on the robot.

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