The applications we’re developing will be published as downloads over time. If you are interested in an early access you can send an email to the corresponding developer.

The Robot Narrator project sources can be downloaded here.

A Motion Recorder application which is used for extracting joint angles utilizing the Kinect camera and a Nao Controller which is sending these angles to a Nao robot is developed by Erik Berger (erik.berger at In the past year we captured more than 100 motions which are stored in our Motion Database. Furthermore Erik actually developing a Bullet-based Nao simulation environment which should be used as a testbed for our optimization and retargeting algorithms. Please drop him an email if you have any questions regarding this projects.

Our Nao iPad controller is developed in collaboration with Frank Gommlich (gommlich at informatik.tu.freibergde). Write him an email if you’re interested in the iOS part of our framework. For questions regarding Naos control algorithms Erik Berger and David Vogt would be the persons you should adress.

animationNaoFor various inverse kinematics problems, such as motion retargeting we’ve been developing an rigged model of Nao in Blender 2.6 . The model contains all joint angle contraints. If you would like to receive the related blend-file you should write David Vogt (david.vogt at an email.

Source code request regarding our Learning Interaction Models project can adressed to David Vogt (david.vogt at (read more)


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