Humanoid Robotics Group Freiberg

The robotics group at the Technical University Bergakademie Freiberg focuses on research in artificial intelligence, virtual reality and motor control for human-like characters.

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Learning Interaction Models

Within this project our focus is on teaching human-­like interactions to synthetic humanoids robots. We aim at learning complex interactions and have a virtual humans repeat those with a person.

Kinesthetic Bootstrapping

This project focuses on a physics based simulator that allows kinesthetic interactions between a human and a robot to be recorded, and later used for imitation learning.

Cooperative Human Robot Tasks

In many cooperative tasks between a human and a robotic assistant, the human guides the robot by exerting forces, either through direct physical interaction or indirectly via a jointly manipulated object.

Nao Remote Control

This project is dedicated to the development of a universal remote control for a Nao robot. The framework utilizes the iPad’s internal accelerometer to calculate the robot’s walking, turning and gaze direction.

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